Welcome To My Path To Zen

Welcome to My Path to Zen!! This blog shares my journey from the darkest time in my life, after a crisis in my marriage, to coming out on the other side still together.  From heartbreak to feeling stronger, more confident and peaceful than I’ve ever felt, is a miracle. My marriage survived and is thriving like never before. And now, when we hit a bump, we have tools to work through it. You can read more about my journey to find Zen, in the “Blog” section of this site.  What I’ve learned isn’t revolutionary, but if it helped me, maybe it can help you too.

I’m pretty excited about sharing my short “30 Seconds of Bliss” videos!! They are relaxing sights and sounds of  the beauty & power of nature.  You can give yourself a 30 second break, right!?! Under “Books & Things I Love” are some of my favorite and most inspiring books & products.   There’s also a “Resources” section with links to websites, people and other information my husband and I found helpful.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Questions for Your Soul…

Continuing Education… In a recent online workshop I took from Deepak Chopra, “Healing the Whole Self”, he ended the program with a meditation focusing on four questions for the soul.  I found these questions to be very impactful and important as I continue to follow and discover My Path to …

30 Seconds of Bliss…

Short video’s I took to capture moments of beauty, strength and peace.  


Water Bliss

Nature’s Beauty