About Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by!!

I’m very happy to be here and to share my story about surviving and thriving after infidelity in my marriage and my search for Zen.  It’s been a long road that erupted on October 18, 2014. More on that in the pages of my blog. Until then, below is a bit about me.

I am a retired Juvenile Court Probation Counselor, a job I loved, but now I love retirement! I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and where I enjoy morning hikes in Forrest Park with one of my women tribes, yoga with the serene Emily, reading murder mysteries and of course anything having to do with Zen Buddhism, or self-improvement (I’ll be posting my favorite books!). I also like eating my husband’s cooking, going out to dinner (or happy hour!), movies (yea for senior discounts!), hanging out with my grand-dogs Rita & Hermosa, family & friends. I have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law.  Love, love, love retreating to the Pacific ocean or anywhere on the water or in the forest!  I’m a social introvert which I’m pretty sure means, I really enjoy people and being with them…to a point…then I like to hide away for some alone time to recharge my batteries.

I believe in miracles, spirituality and God. Zen Buddhism and meditation has helped me find me again, as well as, my share of therapy among other things. Life is a mystery I keep trying to figure out.  I continue to learn, grow and stumble.  I’m grateful for my husband who fought the good fight to stay together and who supports this Blog. Our marriage today is one of those miracles. This afternoon, my teabag said: “Live with no excuses and love with no regrets” ~ Montel. I like that!!

I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration/Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from Washington State University.  I’ve had many jobs, but finally had a career I cherished when I became a Juvenile Probation Counselor.  Working with troubled kids on probation and helping them get their lives back on track was extremely rewarding (also frustrating at times!) and my passion for a long time.  I’ve had other employment adventures from being a new accounts rep at a bank to the VP & CFO of a company my husband and I owned.  I also co-owned a company that developed and marketed a board game which was fun.  My volunteerism has focused mostly on kids and families such as the YWCA, YMCA and PTA, as well as several State and local organizations involved with law & justice.

And now this Blog is my passion.  I feel we’re never to old to learn new skills and life lessons.  My Path to Zen has been rolling around in my brain for a long time and I’m thrilled it’s finally here.  If I had started this Blog when I first thought about it, it would have only been about surviving infidelity and pretty depressing.  Then I got back into practicing yoga and yearned for a more peaceful, Zen filled life. I started reading & learning about Zen Buddhism and the benefits of meditation. Everything about the Zen Buddhist philosophy makes sense to me and is incredibly comforting.  Buddha said “Each morning, we are born again.  What we do today is what matters most.”  I like that too!!

Peace & Love ~