A Clear Mind, Easy Spirit and a Walk Outside

A Clear Mind, Easy Spirit and a Walk Outside

The last few days, instead of taking my normal morning walk, I’ve been walking at sunset.  They are both magical and centering but there A Clear Mind, Easy Spirit and a Walk Outsideis something very soothing about a walk at sunset.  Mornings for me are more grounding and energetic while I find sunset walks calming as I settle down for the evening.  When I lived in Vancouver, WA a friend and I would frequently take sunset walks in the neighborhood.  You could see the warm glow of lights turning on in homes as the occupants prepare to make dinner, gather and share their day.  It always filled me with such peace and gratitude when I returned to my own home. Still does.  

After siting hunched over the computer for hours nothing clears my head like stepping outside for a quick walk and a breath of fresh air. Doing this at least once a day, not only wipes away the cobwebs from my brain, it sets a refresh button for my psyche. The Advancedneurotherapy.com blog lists 👉 4 Reasons Why Walking Outside Benefits the Brain.  Even ten minutes outside can reap the following benefits:
1. The brain uses 3x more oxygen than muscles. Taking a walk to get fresh air improves brain function.  
2. Spending time outdoors improves concentration.  A study of kids with ADHD showed kids who spent time outdoors showed fewer ADHD symptoms.
3. Most of us know getting outside is a good source of vitamin D an essential nutrient for healthy brain function. 
4. Time outside releases stress by lowering our heart rate and releasing mood enhancing endorphins. 
A Walking Meditation 

When I’m short on time I sometimes combine my morning or afternoon meditation with a walking meditation.  I may walk in silence or listen to a guided walking meditation.  Most meditation apps have walking meditations you can access and one of my favorites is Insight TimerThey have thousands of free meditations to choose from.

If you try a silent walking meditation this week, try using this mantra: OM ANANDAM OM (aan an dam).  This Sanskrit vibration helps to restore our inner joy and contentment.  Vibrational mantras are useful to help keep thoughts from interrupting when we want disconnect from our ego and connect to inner peace and harmony.  When a thought sneaks in, as we know it will, come gently back to the mantra. Then let the mantra go until the next thought arises.  Rinse and repeat.

She found joy and wonder in every little thing.  And joy and wonder always found her.” ~ Katrina Mayer

So take a break, go outside, breath deeply and open your heart to all the joy and wonder surrounding you. You may be surprised at what finds you. 

One More thing:

Each week on Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 8:15 AM PST, I lead meditation sessions and send out a weekly email with a message, a weekly mantra and Zoom invitation.  For a while now I have been encouraged from several sources (earthly and Divine!) to include these in my blog.  So this is it, beginning with this entry I will feature an expanded version of my emails here.  I would love for you to join our warm and welcoming meditation community. If you would like to join us, please type a comment below with your email or send me an email through this site and I will send you the Zoom link.  

Till next time…
Peace & Love



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