Self-Care 101 for Entrepreneurs ~ by Guest Author Jenna Sherman

Self-Care 101 for Entrepreneurs ~ by Guest Author Jenna Sherman

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As an entrepreneur, you get to be your own boss. While this is incredibly exciting, the level of responsibility that comes with running your own business can also be daunting. Investing in self-care is critical if you want to avoid entrepreneurial burnout. Presented by My Path To Zen, this guide provides actionable steps for promoting mental and physical well-being.

Make your home an oasis of calm

Many young entrepreneurs start out working from home. Even Jeff Bezos started in his garage. If you go this route, make sure to delineate your home/leisure versus working spaces. Otherwise, you may find yourself working all the time. The AARP has tips for creating a dedicated workspace, such as roping off your “office.”

Beyond this, transform your home into a relaxing oasis of calm where you can unwind when you aren’t working. Open the windows to let in fresh air and sunshine, smudge rooms with sage, and use aroma diffusers to pump relaxing aromas, like lavender, into the home.

 Incorporate self-care into your daily routine

Set aside at least 15 minutes per day for self-care. Just what does self-care entail? That’s up to you. Maybe it’s going for a walk while listening to your favorite podcast, or taking a bubble bath and doing a face mask.

Even something small like applying a sumptuous face cream or doing your makeup can be considered self-care. The point is to engage in a completely non-work-related activity that you find relaxing.

 Create a set routine for your days

To further ensure that your work and your personal life are separated, set a strict routine for yourself. Define the hours of the day when you are supposed to be in your office. Beyond this, try to steer clear of your desk.

There are many time management apps and tools that can help entrepreneurs (18 Best Time Management Apps and Tools) enhance productivity and avoid having their work hours spill over into what should be leisure time. For example, Rescue Time helps you avoid distractions and provides efficiency reports to see what tasks are needlessly using up your time.

 Make time for the gym

As an entrepreneur, you’re undoubtedly passionate about your work. This can make it easy to spend hours at a time hunched over your computer. Beware, however, because this kind of sedentary lifestyle has serious health risks, such as a greater likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.  8 Biggest Health Risks Associated with a Sedentary Lifestyle.

Set aside at least 30 minutes per day for physical activity. If you aren’t a fan of working out, look for fun ways to get fit. You don’t have to go for a run or spend your time on the elliptical. Instead, opt for something more fun and engaging, like a dancing or boxing class.

Save time by outsourcing basic tasks

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves. There are certain tasks that you can outsource, however, saving you time and stress. Jobs like accounting, graphic design, and copywriting are all things you can entrust to someone else, for instance. Business-ing E-Magazine has a full list of jobs small businesses can outsource.

Try meditation for relaxation

Running a business is exhilarating but it’s also stressful at times. In fact, according to Zen Business, managers are often the most stressed individuals in the workplace by a larger margin. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and unwind. It also has health benefits. For example, meditation has been shown to reduce blood pressure and minimize symptoms of anxiety. If you’ve never tried meditating before, look at apps like Headspace for guidance.

As an entrepreneur, it might feel like you should be working 24/7. Stepping away from your desk even to meditate or go to the gym might seem like a waste of time. By investing in yourself, however, you will avoid burnout and find greater success in the long run.

Jenna Sherman is a mom of three (two girls and a boy). She hopes to help other parents acquire the skills they need to raise future leaders by providing a collection of valuable, up-to-date, authoritative resources. She created as an avenue for parents who want to make sure their children grow up to be strong, independent, successful adults.

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