Poems From My Heart, to Yours

Poems From My Heart, to Yours

Below are some of the poems I’ve written in search of my path to Zen.  It’s been a journey to find peace and happiness in life but I’m grateful to God and the universe that I’m now more at peace, happier and stronger than ever before.  These poems are deeply personal (as has been this blog) and I feel a little vulnerable sharing them.  But (taking a deep breath here!) I’m ready and I hope you are too….

From My Heart to Yours


“Emotions come crashing like the waves of an angry sea
They are not ME, not who I am
I can observe and watch them like a curious tourist
They are not to be indulged as you would a spoiled child
They are for viewing and examination only
Then released like a healed bird, back into nothingness”

From My Heart to Yours

“Come to me
I crave your quiet power

…Come to me
I want the deep peace of your breath
…Come to me
I desire the calmness of your mind
…Come to me
Fill me with your love
…Come to me
And stay with me forever”

Meditation for Introverts and Poems from my heart

Break Away
“Break away from sorrow
Break away from pain
Still your mind
Quiet your thoughts
Bring me your smile
Bring me your love
Break away from sadness
It will be all worthwhile”

From My Heart to Yours

Let It Go
“Let it go
Release it
Welcome pure truth
Soak in pure love
Open your heart 
Let in the light
Let in the warmth
Let it go
You don’t need it anymore”

Bone Break Poem

“Never had a bone break
But had a heart ache
Never fell from a tree
But have fallen to despair
Never had skin sewn back
But had a heart to mend
Never had a bone break

 But learned to love again”

Poems from my Heart

“When life brings pain or sorrow
Be patient
Go inside to the quiet depths of your soul to heal
It is there God is waiting to hold you until it’s safe to reopen your heart
Don’t stifle your tears, they are cleansing
We must grieve the loss of innocence, the reality of things we thought were true & weren’t
But there is always hope & strength underneath the ugliness of sin
I have walked through fire & survived, more than survived
The fire burned my tenderness & a new, stronger woman rose from the ashes”

One more thing… 
I’ve been reading some amazing books lately including: Eckhart Tollee’s “A New Earth” of which there is an excellent corresponding Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast.  Oprah interviews Echkart one week and chapter at a time.  This book has brought many pieces of the puzzle together for me on my path to Zen. 

Till next time…
Peace & Love 


  1. Loretta

    D’Alene, I love exploring your Blog – it always inspires me.
    I’m tremendously grateful to you for being so honest, brave and compassionate, and most of all for sharing it all with the universe.

    Love and gratitude,

    1. D'Alene

      Thank you so much Loretta, your comments mean the world to me! It’s been a healing and inspirational journey where I’ve learned more than I every thought possible. About myself. the Universe and so much more. Peace and Love, D’Alene

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