Flowing with The Universe

Flowing with The Universe

Being in flow is not something you do. It’s something that happens when you get out of the way. 
~ Maryann Hasnaa

Flowing with The UniverseLately I’ve noticed the word FLOW everywhere….like the quote above I heard recently during a Chopra Center webinar.  Or when my yoga teacher, Emily, encourages our movements to flow from one pose to another.  Even the age old “go with the flow” has been stuck in my brain.  I don’t think I’m the only one who craves a peaceful flow to my life in these unpredictable times.  But going with the flow doesn’t mean we’re just willingly washed away by the tide with no choice or responsibility.

During a call with newly certified meditation teachers Dr. Deepak Chopra reminded us that if there was no pain, we wouldn’t know pleasure, if there was no down, no up.  He said “that I exist is a perpetual surprise!” Perhaps now, with all the upheaval in the world, it is a good time to check in on the alignment with our true selves, our souls, not our egos.  Are we flowing in a way that brings us peace and tranquility? If we can accept what is and not fight it by wishing it was something else, we’ll be in flow and open to all possibilities the Universe has to offer.


I have been searching for inner peace for, what seems, a very long time,  Finally, in my late 60’s, after many lessons, I get it and feel (for the most part) I live in flow.  Could it be because I am older and perhaps “wiser”?  Is it because I’ve lived through, survived and thrived after life challenges?  Maybe it’s due to my meditation practice, study, therapy, writing and more all mixed together.  Whatever the combination of events that brought me to this place, I accept them.  I would be grateful to live the rest of my life in this current flow with The Universe. Is that even possible?  I believe it can be.

I am aware that, as a human being, there will be more challenges ahead. That’s life.  But now I understand I have a choice. I can listen to the Universe when something doesn’t feel right and my intuition is screaming “Say NO, this decision will block our flow!”  I also understand some undesirable situations are unavoidable.  It is then I can make the decision stay in the present moment and keep my flow.

Don’t be stubborn!

The Universe is always there to help and lead if we are open.  For many years I didn’t pay to much attention to what the Universe was trying to tell me. I didn’t always trust my intuition, my gut or heart.  Sometimes it is necessary to overrule our egos to go deeper and listen to the Universe. My ego told me to leave my husband six years ago.  Yet my spirit, intuition and the Universe told me to keep trying, hang in there, it will be worth the effort.  My ego didn’t stand a chance, thank goodness.  As distressing as that period of my life was, the Universe led me in the direction I was meant to go.

Wise Words

Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way.  Gabby Bernstein wrote a great book I’d recommend titled “The Universe Has Your Back”.  She also wrote a piece for her blog on “How to Truly Know the Universe Has Your Back” giving us six steps about how to open gifts the Universe offers. In step three Gabby reminds us that guidance from the Universe comes in many forms saying “The Universe is creative and delivers guidance in ways that will get our attention and resonate with us. Do not write off anything that feels like wise, loving guidance. Be conscious of the messages you receive and know that it’s your connection to the Universe.”

Rebecca Campbell reaffirms all this in an article from her blog “How to flow with The Universe.”  Again reminding us there will be times we need to take an uncomfortable situation and accept it by following the flow.  Clinging to anything unpleasant or uncomfortable is going against flow so, when necessary, we must adapt to live in the moment.  When we fight our flow we can feel tired, depressed, have low energy, headaches or other symptoms.   But..if we allow our heart, gut, intuition and other signs be messengers of the Universe we can get back to a natural, peaceful, joyful flow.

One more thing….

The Universe means God to me.  It could mean something different for you and whatever higher power you believe in, or not.  I believe the Universe encompasses and holds us all as a divine, spiritual entity.

Flow with The Universe
The Universe is saying: “Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.” Klaus Joehle

Till next time…
Peace  & Love



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